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Aromatherapy without essential oils - Is it possible?

Did you ever wonder what else you could add to your diffuser besides essential oils? And if it was even possible to enjoy aromatherapy without essential oils? If yes, I have some good news for all you curious cats out there.


If you'd like to know more about how you can benefit from Aromatherapy without essential oils, keep on reading to find out the best six available alternatives in the market.


Top Alternatives You Can Use For Aromatherapy Without Essential Oils

You can easily create a tantalising aroma and atmosphere without relying on essential oils. Here are my favourite top six picks that you can incorporate in your life instead of relying solely on essential oils:

1. Incense Sticks & Cones

Incense sticks are hands down the perfect alternative to aromatherapy essential oils.


Incense sticks and cones contain a high concentration of essential oils and are commonly used in aromatherapy. The atmosphere created by them is simply mystical.



They are widely used in yoga and meditation practises as it cleanses the place from any negative energy.


When it comes to incense sticks, you can choose from a wide range of fragrances for different concerns (from relieving stress and anxiety to spiritual awareness).

2. Waterfall Incense Burners

Whether you're practising yoga, meditation, or aromatherapy, burning incense never gets old. New age incense burners have completely changed the game with their aesthetics combined with the age-old aromatherapy benefits.



A backflow incense burner incorporates a waterfall effect in its design, which relieves your stress and brings you calm energy and is an eye-pleasing treat. With a backflow incense burner, you can see the smoke from incense falling down the burner, imitating a waterfall instead of going upwards and spreading in the air.


They are also extremely easy to use; all you need to do is:


  • Light The Tip Of The Incense Carefully While Holding It With A Tweezer
  • Place It In The Burner With The Cone Pointing Upwards.
  • After 15-30 Seconds, You’ll Notice The Smoke Coming Out From The Bottom Like A Waterfall.


And now, all you need to do is sit back and relax while the waterfall incense does the work.

3. Flowers

Imagine waking up every morning to the smell of sweet flowers in your home. Doesn't that sound pleasant?


Aromatic essence in essential oils is often naturally extracted from flowers, so you can use flowers instead of oils as they are authentic and out of harm's way.



You can choose from various flowers used in aromatherapy essential oils, from lavender jasmine to rose. Pick out the scent that appeals to you the most. You can either plant your favourites or keep them fresh and safe in a vase as you enjoy their refreshing fragrance.

4. Vanilla Extract

The sweet and warm fragrance of vanilla can instantly put you in a good mood. But an uplifted mood isn't the only benefit vanilla provides you; they are also great for relieving stress.


To use vanilla extract in your diffusers, you need to follow the following steps:


  • Begin With Adding Water To Your Diffuser.
  • Add Some Vanilla Extract Depending On The Desired Effect.
  • Don't Forget To Clean Your Diffuser After You're Done.


You Can Also Use Vanilla Beans Instead Of Extract, Cut Them In Halves And Add Them To The Water.

5. Perfume, Cologne Or Aftershave

If you like a particular fragrance on your skin, why not put it in a diffuser, too?


Diffusers also work with perfumes and colognes since they rely on essential oils and natural products. It’s important to choose a perfume, cologne, or aftershave that is oil-based rather than alcohol or any other type of product.



To incorporate them in your diffusers, follow these steps:


  • Look Out For An Oil-Based Perfume You Want To Use.
  • Pour About 3-5 Drops Of Your Favourite Perfume Or Cologne Into The Diffuser.
  • If You're Using An Aftershave, Add 6-10 Drops.

6. Fresh Citrus Fruit Juices

The scent of citrus keeps you energetic and lifts your mood. You can cut up your favourite citruses amongst the lemon, lime or orange, and extract the juice from the fruit in a bowl.



Even though citrus juice won't be as intense and aromatic as essential oils, they still work well. You can always add more freshly squeezed juice to increase its effect.


To use fresh citrus juice in your diffuser, follow these steps:


  • Start By Filling Your Diffuser With Water.
  • Add 10-20 Drops Of Your Favourite Fresh Citrus Juice To The Diffuser.
  • Finally, Thoroughly Clean The Diffuser Afterwards.


Aromatherapy should be an integral part of our lives. And now that your curiosity regarding the question "is it possible to use aromatherapy without essential oils?" has been satiated, you can get creative and try your hand at these alternatives to find what suits you the best.


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