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How to Clear Bad Energy from your Home

How to Clear Bad Energy from your Home


Take a deep breath in and look around your home right now. Everything you can see is made of energy. Energy can easily build up and become overwhelming, especially negative energy.


Have you ever considered clearing your home of negative energy if you're feeling a little overwhelmed? While many of us tidy up or remove physical clutter to help lighten our daily load, clearing negative energy from the spaces we occupy can also lighten our load.


Removing negative, chaotic energy can make your space feel lighter, brighter, and more creative. 


Let's look at why you might need to clear negative energy from your home.


  • You're feeling stressed at work or in your relationship. Feelings of stress and depressioncan fill the space you occupy, making it difficult to lift your mood. 
  • Arguing or breaking up with your partner can increase the negative energy in your home.
  • You've been sick: physical illness can carry negative energy into the space around you.
  • You feel like you're in a rut. We all go through periods of inertia, whether in our relationships, jobs, or living arrangements. These feelings can increase the negative energy in your home.

Start by setting a new intention for your home

Before you reach for your incense, start by setting a new intention for your home. Think about what you want your space to help you release, how you want your home to feel, and how you plan to release the negative energy.


People say that it is best to cleanse yourself before cleansing your physical space. Cleansing yourself allows you to prepare your personal energy for purifying the energy around you.


Stand in front of your back flow incense burner and use your hands to waft the scent over your body. Wave your hands to push the scent to your feet, then work your way up your body.


Many ancient global cultures engaged in the practice of burning herbs and resins to eliminate negative energies. Science backs the burning of sage and other herbs as a way to release negative ions into the atmosphere, which research links to positive moods and an improvement in the overall sense of relief and well-being.

How to clear negative energy from your home

Follow these simple steps to clear the negative energy from your home.


  • Open the windows to give negative energy a way to escape.
  • Light your back flow incense burnerThink positive thoughts and say prayers, mantras, affirmations, and intentions as you move in a clockwise direction in each room. E.g., "Negative energy, leave this room as it fills with light and love instead."
  • Repeat as needed. Cleanse your space as often as you need.


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