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Is it Safe to Burn Incense With Pets Around?

Incense and pets


Burning incense can be a fun pastime, inhaling aromatic scents and feeling your body relax. Watching the cascading waterfall effect of the smoke is an added bonus too. However, for those who have pets in their home, you might be wondering if it’s safe to burn incense around them.


The answer is it depends. In this article, we'll explore why some types of incense are more dangerous than others when exposed to animals. We'll also give some advice on how best to protect pets from any potential danger from incense. 

Is Incense Safe for Pets?

Incense is generally safe for your home, but it's not safe for all types of pets. Some pets are more sensitive to incense smoke than others, and some may be likely to eat incense sticks or cones.


If you have a dog that isn't used to being around burning candles or incense, it could develop an allergic reaction from the smoke that lingers in the air after you burn them. If this happens, your dog should see a veterinarian immediately.


If a pet already has an existing health condition like asthma or allergies, then you shouldn't use any household products that contain strong aromatic scents. This is because those scents can trigger reactions in individuals (including animals) that suffer from such conditions

What Type of Incense is Safe for Pets? 

Incense cones, incense burners, and incense sticks are all types of materials that can be used to burn incense. While they may seem harmless at first glance, certain types of these items can be dangerous to pets if they consume them or get into their eyes.


There are two main reasons why burning incense is bad for your pet: the smoke and ash produced by burning the material may cause irritation or even burns in sensitive areas like their noses and mouths. 


Secondly, if you use one type of burning tool (such as an electric burner) then this leaves behind toxic fumes inside your house which could cause health problems for your animal companion as well as anyone else who lives there with them.

Can Incense Cause Allergic Reactions to Pets?

Certain types of incense and incense burners are more dangerous to pets than others. For example, some types of incense can cause an allergic reaction in your pet's sensitive skin or eyes if they come into contact with it. 


When burning aromatherapy essential oils in your home, you should always take precautions so that they don't get exposed to any fumes from the burning herbs—and if you have a cat who likes sniffing around as you cook dinner or do laundry, then this would be especially important!

What Happens If Your Pet Inhales Incense Smoke?

If your pet inhales fumes from burning incense, it may experience a number of side effects. In addition to coughing, sneezing, and even vomiting (for dogs), pets can develop breathing problems such as shortness of breath. Some dogs may also have trouble sleeping after inhaling smoke from the burning incense.


If you're worried about the health risks associated with burning incense with pets in your home—and you should be!—there are steps you can take to reduce those risks while still enjoying its scent-boosting powers:


  • Use high-quality and all-natural incense cones instead of low-cost varieties available at most supermarkets or drugstores; these cheaper brands tend to contain synthetic chemicals that irritate people's lungs when burned at high temperatures (a process called pyrolysis).
  • Make sure that no one around you is smoking cigarettes near your pet; this will increase their exposure to harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke without providing any benefits for their overall well-being.
  • Don't leave lit candles unattended during cooking sessions or with overnight guests coming over.
  • Use alternative forms of fragrance like diffusers instead when possible.
  • If necessary choose an alternative form such as essential oils instead.

What Kind of Incense Should You Avoid When Your Pets Are Around?

You should avoid incense cones and incense sticks that are made of wood or resin. These materials can be dangerous for pets and have been known to cause allergic reactions in some people, as well.


You should also avoid burning leaves from plants in general; these include sagebrush (Artemisia tridenta), pinyon pine needles (Pinus edulis), Christmas trees (Abies balsamea), hemlock needles (Tsuga canadensis), Douglas Fir needles (Pseudotsuga menziesii); just these contain toxins so don't burn them without knowing how they'll affect your pet!


Incense is a common household item that people use to create an atmosphere in their homes. The smell of incense can be calming and relaxing, but it can also be harmful if not used properly. We hope this article has helped you when it comes to pet safety and burning incense.